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GIO – Innovative patient safety in healthcare provision

Within the innovative project GIO the different research areas “Education for sustainable development” (BNE), “high reliability organizations” (HROs) and patient safety are being connected for the first time.

Considering recurring unwanted incidents, the topic of patient safety in healthcare is not only in the persistent focus of the media, the extent of these incidents is also visible in unpleasant statistics. The causes for hospital-related health threads are very diverse and the reasoning is often based on the complex interactions between personnel, technical or organizational circumstances. However, there are no innovative approaches in hospitals to take proactive steps to avoid or reduce mistakes. HROs are seen as a suitable guiding framework to create such organizations. Different to a strategic orientation which acts in a reactive way, the HRO is a proactive approach meaning they react prior to a potential mistake. At the same time the current healthcare system has to deal with challenges that in its essence relate to sustainability.

From a scientific perspective there is still a research gap regarding sustainability in this research field. The GIO project begins to fill this gap by analysing the fields of education for sustainable development (BNE), high reliability organizations (HROs) and patient safety using various methods. The results will then be linked and translated to an interactive learning environments that will be tested in the hospital setting.

“People are not infallible, thus it is more important to create an organizational culture which sees infallibility as a potential for improvement rather than a reason for punishment.”

Lisa Bretz

Our goal: To establish a sustainable safety culture in the healthcare system.

Project goals

The goal of the GIO research project is to establish a safety culture in hospitals. The focus of this project is to enable hospital personnel to create a sustainable, highly reliable healthcare organization. Therefore, a new core competence catalogue will be developed. This catalogue incorporates the characteristic features of high reliability organizations, patient safety and “Gestaltungskompetenz”. The transdisciplinary project is continuously designed in means of an iterative knowledge- and development process. Successful examples for patient safety will be identified in three case studies in selected hospitals and will be transferred into learning inputs for an interactive learning environment.

Based on the project organization and implementation there will be a substantial contribution to the theoretical development. Findings of the case studies will be included in a theoretical conceptual framework model. Furthermore, healthcare organizations will receive support adjusted to their respective structure and process conditions. With this support they should become a “gestaltungskompetente” and high reliablilty organization.


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